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So Al Gore’s a dick, so what?

2010 July 5
by Julie Clawson

So Al Gore is a dick. There, I said it and I really don’t care if these recent charges of sexual assault are proven false (like he claims they are). I know it’s not very loving or generous of me to assume guilt in our “innocent until proven guilty” society, but I have no problem believing that a rich, white, southern, male politician is a scum-bag. It kinda comes with the territory. I expect those guys (most guys) to objectify women like that. My worldview isn’t crushed to discover they are dicks.

What I do find incredulous are the number of people who are using this latest Al Gore scandal to “prove” that everything he ever said about global warming must be false. It’s crazy in my opinion, but it’s not like he hasn’t faced such ad hominem arguments before. A few years ago when the energy bills from his Tennessee home were made public, certain people used his wastefulness to tell the world once and for all that all those inconvenient truths weren’t actually true. It’s like the argument that absurd book, Good Intentions, made against Christian environmental actions – it argued that because some environmentalists purchase carbon offsets they are just hypocrites and so therefore global warming doesn’t exist. Sigh. Apparently most of these people missed the day in college when they covered logical fallacies.

Yes, Al Gore is a sucky messenger if not a sucky human being. So what, so are most of us. I published an entire freaking book on living justly in regards to consumer habits, and I rarely make it a week (or a day) without doing the exact opposite of what I advocate in the book. Sure, I feel a twinge of guilt each time I make a beeline for the children’s clearance rack at Old Navy or order a cheeseburger with meat of indiscriminate origin. But in no way do I assume that my (or Al Gore’s) failure to be perfect in any way discredits the truth of our message. Sure we are hypocrites and scum-bags, and don’t set very good examples, but our failings don’t have the power to create a falsehood out of truth.

If being a hypocrite (or general all-around jerk) proved that one’s beliefs are false then Christianity wouldn’t exist in this country. For that matter, most of the good and just things we belief wouldn’t exist. I can wax eloquent online about being an empowered woman who stands up to sexism, but in reality I don’t always have the strength to be that person fully. In truth I am often plagued by self-doubt and confused by the lies fed to me by my culture as to my worth as a woman. Do my struggles make my beliefs about equality and empowerment pointless? Or are they simply part of the process of claiming a belief while still being a fallible human being?

If there wasn’t room for grace in our faith, then who would follow Jesus? No one is capable of loving one’s neighbor, obeying God, denying oneself, and taking up the cross to follow Jesus every moment of every day. As much as I agree with and strive towards those things, I often let myself get in the way. I know when I’m being greedy and selfish and unloving and a jerk, but even as I do those things I cling to the belief that I shouldn’t. That doesn’t excuse me in any way or negate the fact that I am a hypocrite. But neither does the fact that I am a hypocrite negate the validity or goodness of what I believe.

We are quick to crucify the messenger in our society. Granted, some messengers might need to be so treated, or at least removed from their pedestal. Others perhaps could simply use a bit of understanding and grace. But we tread dangerous ground when we are so indiscriminate to throw the baby out with the bathwater – to disengage our minds to the point that we reject truth in our gleeful tar and feathering of its source. If our world is falling apart and being destroyed by our own hands, so what if Al Gore is a dick? If he’s broken the law, treated women as objects, and been a hypocrite he of course needs to be held accountable. But it is our minds clouded with zealous shadenfreude that are proved foolish when we confuse the messenger for the message in such a way. We might all be hypocrites and selfish jerks, but we can do better than that.


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  1. July 5, 2010

    Just because he thinks with his “little head” when women are around, does not make what he has to say about global climate change irrelevant or stupid. It just means he can’t keep it in his pants. Uhhhh … that would be most men in power these days. And, from reports starting to trickle out, not a few women too. It seems that with power comes sex.


    Wait. There’s a huge shock because we’ve never heard that story before. EVER. Like in all the stories that have ever been told in all of mankind we’ve never heard that with power comes sex.


  2. July 5, 2010

    P.S. I forgot this at the end of my comment [end sarcasm]

    I am sooooo freakin’ sick everyone on both sides of the aisle who get the vapors everytime someone gets got with their penis waving in the wind. Get past it folks. Start looking past the headlines and wonder about things like this … what do the people who report these lurid stories have to gain by them? I’m talking about the news outlets, the reporters and the “victims” (some of them legit, others not so much).

  3. Jamie permalink
    July 5, 2010

    if i had a spend my day proving global warming to a/n (ignorant) mass, i’d be sexually frustrated, too.

  4. Patti Vanlandingham permalink
    July 7, 2010

    I agree with all of Sonja’s comments, and Jamie’s too.

    I used to feel sorry for Al Gore when Tipper Gore was going all out to censor rock lyrics because I thought he was more intelligent. Then I realized a senate wife wouldn’t be doing that without the support of her senator husband. They truly deserve one another.

  5. kgandenberger permalink
    October 31, 2014

    the biggest hypocrisy is saying the oceans are about to rise 20 feet and then buying a mansion on the coast in California. but he’ll buy a lot more carbon offsets now and live like a sultan. he’ll fly in private jets while telling the rest of us to take a hike or a bike. if he believed any of the drivel he’s spouting, would he not live a little differently?????

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