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Matter Anthology

2010 June 26
by Julie Clawson

matter1The Matter Anthology v.01 is now available for preorder from Shechem Press. Assembled from the presentations at last fall’s Matter Conference this is a collection of essays, poetry, and images that explore ideas of creative theology. From Peter Rollins’ foreword to the anthology –

“When theology falls into the hands of the poet, something profound takes place. We can find that through the theological dis-course we come into contact with ourselves with all the difficulties and possibilities that entails.

Through ideas like Creation, Fall, Salvation, Eucharist, Heaven, and Hell we come face to face with what it means to be human.

This collection of essays, images, and poetry represents an attempt to put theology back into the hands of the dreamers. To give it back again to those who would speak lies in order to reveal the deepest, most transformative truths.”

The theme of the conference was “Christian Relationships”: our relationship with God (Hebrews 12), our relationship with the church (Hebrews 13), and our relationship with the world (Romans 12). There were many fascinating presentations and I look forward to having those ideas collected in this anthology. My essay, “This Is My Body – Nourishment, Sustainability, and Sacrifice as Response to Eucharist” is included as well.

So if you are interested in exploring the intersection of theology and art I encourage you to order a copy and explore the world of creative theology.


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