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2007 December 29
by Julie Clawson

Over the next couple of days I plan on posting some fun end of the year sort of stuff. Today it’s search results for my blog. More specifically the odd and amusing keyword searches that landed people on my blog this past year. I always find it interesting to get the keyword search reports and find which posts get the most attention (my review of Harry Potter wins that reward), but the more unique searches are the most fun. I have to wonder how that search landed people at my blog or often question why anyone would be googling that particular term to begin with. So here are a few of this past year’s highlights (my comments in italics) –

“how to convince mormon wife to wear spaghetti strap dress” because there so would be how-to manuals for this

“where can i recycle cans and plastics closest to chicago” and they found my blog?

“why does god allow sexism” good question

“prosthetic pregnant belly” do I even want to know…

“church more interested in getting rid of trouble makers than reaching them” common enough practice to get googled

“bible scholars comments on dead flies in the apothecary’s” if anyone can explain this please be my guest

“spanking julie” a bit disturbing and specific of a request

“bathroom denied punishment slave diaper” even more disturbing

“stuff to do with one hand” do you really have to google this?

“can one hand clap” the world wants to know

“famous wheaton college alum” wow, I’m famous

“educated beyond eligibility” eligible for what, is what I would love to know

“gangster disciples learn how to spell in signs” what is this referring to?

“bible say deformed and cripple children don’t go to heaven” I’ve actually seen many different variations of this statement land people on my blog. Is there a theology out there that holds to this? It is seriously disturbing.

And for the winner of “How the Internet has Improved our Lives Award”, we can all now satisfy our curiosity and research the –
“history of sippy cups ancient “


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  1. December 30, 2007

    bible say deformed and cripple children don’t go to heaven

    The closest thing I’m aware of is the Old Testament text that says deformed priests are not permitted to enter the Most Holy Place.

    I was leading a Bible study one time where a pentecostal fellow argued that some people will be deformed in heaven. If they don’t get healed on earth, they will have to suffer the deformity for eternity.

    That was one of the few times when I emphatically repudiated someone’s position publicly!

  2. January 1, 2008

    lol, ah the power of the search engine :)

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